Flawsome Ambivert



I am Krisna Francese Marteja Raganas, a long name isn’t it? Don’t worry. Everybody calls me “Aina”. I am an 18 year old stunner currently studying Bachelor of Arts in Communication at Angeles University Foundation. My parents raised me at the land of “Bayani at mga Banal” which is Bataan. I am a proud Bataena. I have a passion in photography, singing and a little bit of acting and dancing. I am a movie addict and I have interests to things. I am in between of being an introvert and extrovert. There are times I wanted to go along with peers and sometimes I want to wander alone, me time. I am trustworthy. I am cheerful and jolly most of the time but when unexpected conflicts arise, I become grumpy. I am an easy going person who likes to chill wherever and whenever.
This is my journal and I want you guys to know me well. As an 18 year old grown up woman, I have my own beliefs, sayings and philosophies in life. Well, my motto in life is, “Accept what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be.” This simply means we can never go back to what happened yesterday, all we have in control is the present time. Be contented. Always be prepared and anticipate what might come along in our way. Another one is, Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes destiny. I strongly agree and believe these because automatically it is indeed a domino effect. Every action has its consequences and we must take full responsibility on those. Another quote I believe in is, Direction is much important than speed. Many are going nowhere fast. Taking it slow is must. One step at a time and trust the process. Relax. You will get there. We will get there. We just have to choose the right path to take. I am saying these because like what I have said, I strongly believe in those because I can relate to it and there is no greater teacher than life situations and experiences.
In relation to my philosophies in life, When it comes to relationships, I am glad to tell you how am I as daughter, a friend and a citizen. As a daughter, during my childhood days, I was totally hard-headed. I have experienced my parents’ way of disciplining. I will never forget the pain. But that pain made me stronger as I grow older up to what I am right now. Sometimes. Sufferings lead to a positive outcome and achievements. That’s what happen to me. All the pain I’ve experienced, it became a challenge for me to stand up when I fall. That’s what my parents taught me. And now, I am in the early adulthood stage, still it’s my duty to obey, respect, love and take good care of my loving parents. I am a loving daughter and also a loving sister to my elder siblings since I am the youngest. I am still the happy pill of the family even though my parents already have a granddaughter named Kyra, a 4 year old pretty girl. Our faces and attributes are alike. I wonder why because my sister is always into me when she was still pregnant. I am a responsible daughter and sister. In addition, I am also a compassionate friend. I am so much concern for the people around me especially my friends. Their happiness is also my happiness. Their emotional state totally affects me. Maybe it is true that the person/s we love somehow affects our feelings and mood as well. I spend time with them, eating at chains and restaurants. Food tripping is the best way to catch up and bond with family and friends. I treat them as my significant others and my mains. We all need those in our lives. Lastly, as a Filipino citizen, I am becoming more aware of the society and its surroundings. Also as a communication student, I think one of its duties is to know current events locally and nationally because I believe as future endeavors of the country of our generation, we are lifting hopes for everyone by taking small steps and action in our own way.
For everyone’s information, I am truly a memory hoarder. I like collecting photographs and memories because those are treasures. All my experiences and memories I have gained, it all taught me life lessons. With every mistake I commit, with every lack of efforts, misunderstandings, it all shaped me as to who am I today. I became bolder and stronger. I became independent on my own in all aspects especially I am far from home and I live at a dormitory as of now. I have learned to see and appreciate the value and importance of everything. With all those memories, there are significant people behind my back, behind my success and they were the ones who never left me in times of need, in sad and happy experiences. They are my parents, my two siblings, my bestfriends which I call them “Eatgirls”. Our friendship is already 7 years and counting. To add up, my elementary, junior and senior high school classmates were also there to support me. And as of now, at the new stage of my life, I have found another family here in Angeles City. They are my college classmates and friends. I remember the first week of school, I was depressed and scared because I am not in my comfort zone. But as they say, life begins at the end of your comfort zone indeed. My college room mates were also there for me. All of the people I just met this college, they helped me adjust and cope up with everything. Now, I am still in process of adjustments because of cultural beliefs and such differences. I became more open minded because I had the chance to meet and socialize with other people having different life stories. All these people I have mentioned, they are my influencers through thick and thin. They are all a blessing from above and I am very grateful having them in my life. I want all of them to remember me as the cheerful, jolly and talkative Aina of all times. I am the girl who sees the bright side of every dark side even I have my own battle within myself. I feel so complete when I make them smile. I feel so relieved when somebody opened up to me. I feel so trustworthy which I truly am. I am a good listener indeed. I admit I am a pessimistic optimistic person. Confusing, right? But I am on the process and trying my best to be a positive thinker. I want people to remember me as a God fearing person which I truly am. I always pray and I am proud to say that I am a choir member and a former member of a youth ministry.
With all that I have said, I am just into a positive outcome which is to improve, develop, refine and understand my self as a well being. I hope I will always be willing to sacrifice comfort for my growth and development as an individual. Productivity is my main goal. Productivityis never an accident. It is always the result of commitment to excellence, intelligent planning and focused efforts. The only thing I am committed to right now is making myself better than before. I am working on a new me. It is not too late to change. Our only limit is ourselves. We should remember that we do not have to live and change for others because we might just die by their rejection. Above all else, challenge yourself. You may well surprise yourself at what strengths you have, what you can achieve and accomplish. Decide. Commit. Succeed.



I am nefelibata, a cloud walker and  an unconventional person. One who lives in the clouds of my own imagination. I am an 18 year old lady whose imaginations are unpredictable. I humbly observe and critically think about every little thing in this world. Every one of it bothers me and I could not help my mind.  I am fond of taking photographs that just caught my attention. My imaginations are overflowing and I wish my eyes could capture beautiful moments and scenarios.

Seeing clouds and skies surely relieve my stress, reduce negative vibes, soothe my soul & senses and make me feel at ease. There up on the clouds, I am on my way to unknown things. I love sunsets, moonlights, rainstorms and so many other things that have soul. Finding beauty and happiness in the little things in life is a good trait because it purify and satisfy my heart. Sometimes, I could not feel my wings but suddenly I’ve knew that its just there so I built it up again and when I touched the clouds, I remembered how to soar and fly high. I will never stop looking for rainbows and skies. I will never stop looking up because I know I am a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

On the other side of the clouds, there is bright blue sky. Some days are dark and I just have to create my own sunshine, keeping my eyes in the skies and my feet on the ground. Hence, I always make time for the things that make me feel comfortable and happy to be alive.