I am nefelibata, a cloud walker and  an unconventional person. One who lives in the clouds of my own imagination. I am an 18 year old lady whose imaginations are unpredictable. I humbly observe and critically think about every little thing in this world. Every one of it bothers me and I could not help my mind.  I am fond of taking photographs that just caught my attention. My imaginations are overflowing and I wish my eyes could capture beautiful moments and scenarios.

Seeing clouds and skies surely relieve my stress, reduce negative vibes, soothe my soul & senses and make me feel at ease. There up on the clouds, I am on my way to unknown things. I love sunsets, moonlights, rainstorms and so many other things that have soul. Finding beauty and happiness in the little things in life is a good trait because it purify and satisfy my heart. Sometimes, I could not feel my wings but suddenly I’ve knew that its just there so I built it up again and when I touched the clouds, I remembered how to soar and fly high. I will never stop looking for rainbows and skies. I will never stop looking up because I know I am a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

On the other side of the clouds, there is bright blue sky. Some days are dark and I just have to create my own sunshine, keeping my eyes in the skies and my feet on the ground. Hence, I always make time for the things that make me feel comfortable and happy to be alive.